Class 8,9,10 Elocution

The winning performances from classes 8,9 and 10 can be viewed below. CLASS 8 First Place: Nigel D'souza 8C Nigel D'souza Second Place :Larry D'Mello 8A Larry D'Mello Third Place : Keith Gonsalves 8D Keith Gonsalves Consolation prize winners :Joshua Waring and Sneaden Rebello Johsua Waring Sneaden Rebello CLASS 9... Continue Reading →

Class 6 Elocution

Elocution refers to one’s capacity of communicating with others, with the use of exact speech and gestures. Ms.Venessa Gonsalves and Ms.Sania Vaz organised the online elocution competition for the students of class 6 .There were around 27 participants from the four divisions. After the elimination round, 15 participants made it to the finals. Participants for... Continue Reading →

Class 5 Elocution

The Solo Elocution competition for class 5 was held on Tuesday,31st August. It was conducted by Mrs. Jessie Fernando and Ms. Neyomie Dcunha . The participants had to speak on any one of these topics ...i) Save water- Save Earthii) Education- The solution to Povertyiii) Healthy Oceansiv) Gender Equality Eleven students from class 5 participated... Continue Reading →

Fancy Dress Competition

The primary school organised a virtual 'FANCY DRESS COMPETITION a few days ago. Students from classses 1 to 4 participated in the competition. They had to prepare and use costumes made from things available at home. The children dressed in a wide variety of creative costumes - and it was a joy to see all... Continue Reading →

Teacher’s Day Celebrations

Teacher's day 2021 was celebrated online on the 6th of September because 5th September fell on a sunday this year.Students from the pre-primary,primary and secondary jointly presented a most wonderful and heartwarming Teacher's Day program. Some ex pupils were also present and they contributed a song and dance to mark the special day.All the teachers... Continue Reading →

Science Exhibition 2021

One of the shortcomings of our exam system is that there is far too much emphasis on rote learning and not enough emphasis on thinking skills,creativity and conceptual understanding of the course material.The annual science exhibition for classes 8,9 and 10 is an attempt to help students break away from their dependence on learning things... Continue Reading →

Investiture Ceremony 2021

The Investiture Ceremony for the school leaders of the academic year 2021-2022 took place in the school hall on the 31st of August. It was a rain drenched morning and at one stage it looked like the students,parents and teachers who were part of the program might not be able to make to school because... Continue Reading →

Pre primary Poetry Competition

"The crown of literature is poetry." ( W Somerset Maugham) Nursery rhymes are the tender beginnings of poetry. Reciting rhymes in front of relatives & friends is one of the first things many children learn to do.. To take this expression further a Poetry Competition was organised in school a few days ago. The participants... Continue Reading →


Scholarship winning Students of SSC 2021 assembled in the school hall with their parents on the 15th of August.The ceremony was conducted keeping all Covid 19 protocols and precautions in mind.Students,parents and staff were all masked,social distancing was maintained and liberal quantities of hand sanitiser were kept ready so that everyone was as safe as... Continue Reading →

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