Mrs Priyal Barboz RIP

Primary school teacher Mrs Priyal Barboz passed away tragically early morning on the 30th of November. She had been a member of the staff since 1st August 2015. She was diagnosed to have developed a brain tumour shortly after she had given birth to a beautiful baby boy about three months ago. All possible medical... Continue Reading →


At the end of the first semester this year each teacher was asked to select one boy as the hardest worker of each subject in each and every class he/she taught. All the boys who were selected as hardest workers were given prizes when school reopened after the Diwali Break. The idea was to try... Continue Reading →

Long awaited final finally gets played

The long awaited finals of the 2nd Robert Correia Memorial Football Tournament finally took place on Children's Day. 10B and 10C were lucky to get really excellent playing conditions to play the final game.The field covered with freshly trimmed grass,the warm sunshine of the morning hours,the presence of an enthusiastic crowd (made up of the... Continue Reading →

Children’s Day 2019

PRIMARY SCHOOL The students had a special assembly and prayer service to mark the occasion.They were a bit disappointed that they were not allowed to come to school in coloured clothes like the senior students.But watching a movie on the smartboards in the classrooms and eating snacks while it was going on made up a... Continue Reading →

Music Competitions 2019

Photographs of the winners of the Music Competitions(Singing and Instrumental) held in school in September this year. CLASSES 5 & 6 CLASS 7 CLASS 8 CLASS 9 AND 10 Some photographs of the participants in the senior singing competition. The quality of the musical performances was very high.Plenty of musical talent to be developed in... Continue Reading →

Correia Memorial Semi Final takes place at last

The rain delayed and repeatedly postponed semifinal games of this year's Correia Memorial Tournament finally got played on the 24th of October. 10A took on 10B in the first semifinal that got underway shortly after 7: 30 am.The players,recovering from exam tension from the first semester exams that concluded on the 23rd of October were... Continue Reading →

Primary School Elocution

The choral and individual poetry recitation competition for standard 3rd and 4th was conducted on 27th September 2019. The students recited the poems with lot of enthusiasm. The effort put in by the teachers and students was visible on the stage . The judges Br. Cedric Andrade and Mrs. Calista Miranda were impressed by the... Continue Reading →


The staff and students of the primary school had a ceremony in the school hall on the 26th of September to felicitate Mr Charles Dsouza for the work he has done over the years in maintainence and construction works in the school. His most recent work was the much needed renovation of the Primary School... Continue Reading →


10 Students from each class who secured the highest overall percentages in the first unit exams. CLASS 5 CLASS 6 CLASS 7 CLASS 8 CLASS 9 CLASS 10 Congratulations to all the achievers and best wishes to all for the First Term Exams.

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