A Golden Team for the Golden Year

St Augustine’s High School  has always been known for sporting excellence and the school in the past has won many trophies in football and cricket. In basketball however the school would usually try but not get very far. So it’s really great that  the school U 17  basketball team did so excellently in this Golden... Continue Reading →

Finals of Correia Memorial 2022 -2023

The finals of the third edition of the Correia Memorial Tournament was played on the 6th of January as scheduled.The finals of the first and second incarnations of the tournament were played much earlier on in those academic years. The 2018 final was played in September and that year 10A won the final. with 10C... Continue Reading →

Correia Memorial Semifinals

The semi finals went ahead as scheduled on the 4th of Jan of the new year. The teams assembled in the cool light of the dawning sun and the games started shortly afterwards. 10C v/s 9C An iconic photograph from the 1982 World Cup shows 6 Belgium players keeping a wary eye on Maradona. An... Continue Reading →

Memories of the Golden Jubilee Year 2022

As we bring the year to a close here's a visual reminder of the many events we had in school to celebrate the Golden Jubilee Year in 2022. Thanks to all for making all the celebrations so successful and meaningful. Thanks also to all the ex students who commemorated the Golden Jubilee year by organising... Continue Reading →

Correia Memorial : 30th December

On this day that the world mourns the passing of Pele - the king of Joga Bonito we played out the last of the league games of the 2022 edition of the Correia Memorial Tournament. 10D took on 9A and won the game by 7 goals to nothing.Grenville Monteiro became the second player to score... Continue Reading →

Correia Memorial :Action from 29th December

10C took on 10B in a must win game.10C took a 2 goal lead in the first half and,like Argentina not so long ago,seemed to be coasting to victory.However 10B scored 2 in the second half and almost pulled off a most unlikely upset.But then,like Morocco,Belgium,Spain,France and so many others - their dream of winning... Continue Reading →

The return of Correia Memorial 2022

The much awaited resumption (paused since the 23rd of July) of the Correia Memorial Tournament 2022 finally took place on the 28th of December. The long delay was due to the fact that the field was damaged in the monsoon and was unfit for play. The rejoicing players gathered on the basketball court early morning... Continue Reading →

World Cup Inter School Quiz

Qatar 2022 is over and everyone in SAS who supported Argentina are totally overjoyed that Messi finally got the one trophy that was missing from his trophy cupboard.In the lead up to the tournament we had a special Inter School Golden Jubilee World Cup Quiz . It was held in the school hall on the... Continue Reading →

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