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Pre primary Poetry Competition

"The crown of literature is poetry." ( W Somerset Maugham) Nursery rhymes are the tender beginnings of poetry. Reciting rhymes in front of relatives & friends is one of the first things many children learn to do.. To take this expression further a Poetry Competition was organised in school a few days ago. The participants... Continue Reading →


Scholarship winning Students of SSC 2021 assembled in the school hall with their parents on the 15th of August.The ceremony was conducted keeping all Covid 19 protocols and precautions in mind.Students,parents and staff were all masked,social distancing was maintained and liberal quantities of hand sanitiser were kept ready so that everyone was as safe as... Continue Reading →

Primary School Independence Day 2021

"A nation's culture resides in the hearts and in the soul of it's people." -Mahatma GandhiAnd so to promote the spirit of patriotism the ST. AUGUSTINE'S PRIMARY SCHOOL students used zoom to express their love and respect for our nation, for our leaders and for our co-vid warriors. During the pandemic induced lockdown the teachers... Continue Reading →

Primary Card Making Competition

The primary school teachers organised a Card Making Competition for the students of Std 1 to 4 on 29th July 2021. All the participants engaged most enthusiastically in the competition. They were very excited to prepare the cards on the topics which were allotted to them. Many beautiful cards were made on the given topics... Continue Reading →

Class 7:Poster making

43 students participated in the poster making competition for class 7 students.It was conducted by Ms Sweeti Gonsalves and Ms Sweedle D'sa. Br Vinay ,Ms Prathiba and Ms Sigmilla were the judges.Themes for poster were: 1) save our planet and 2) waste ReductionThe judges selected the following entries as the winners of the competition. Congratulations... Continue Reading →

Class 8: Poster making

The Poster making competition for class 8 was held on Saturday, 31st July, 2021. This competition conducted by Mrs. Menisa Lemos and Ms. Clarissa Gonsalves. The themes for the posters were (a) Waste Reduction and (b) Save Wildlife.                           Thirty - eight students from class 8 participated in this competition which was held via Google... Continue Reading →

Class 5:Poster making

Thirty students from Class 5 participated in the online poster competition. This competition was conducted by Mrs. Pratibha Gonsalves and Mrs. Rena Tuscano. The themes for the posters were a) Me and the Environment b) Water Management.The entries were judged by Mrs. Smita Dmello, Mrs. Venecia Naik and Mrs Roshni Rodrigues. The objective of the... Continue Reading →

Class 6:Poster making

It's very important in today's world to articulate your thoughts so that they can be shared by others and benefit our ecosystem.One of the ways of presenting thoughts is through Art. ARTISTIC skills are a gift from God. So to motivate our students to develop this God gifted talent an ONLINE POSTER COMPETITION was organized... Continue Reading →

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