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SSC Results 2020

Total Appeared :200 Distinctions : 124 First Class: 70 Second Class: 06 Congratulations to all the staff and students for the excellent results. Every good wish and blessing for the future to all the boys of SSC 2020. May the good values you learned in school always be your guide and your inspiration.

Winners of Photography Competition

The winners will get +100 points for their houses and also a personal prize which will be given to them when circumstances permit. All participants will get + 20 points for their houses.Congratulations to all who participated. Standby for the next competition. (Thanks to our judges- Dr A Khan,Mr A Mehta and Mr T Kaman)


The first of many planned online photography competitions this year was on the theme "Monsoon from my window" Here's a look at the various glimpses of the monsoon that boys who participated in the competition got from their windows. ENTRIES FROM CLASS 7 ENTRIES FROM CLASS 8 ENTRIES FROM CLASS 9 ENTRIES... Continue Reading →

Smartphones for Underprivileged Students

There is a grave danger that in this desperate time of the covid 19 pandemic many students from poorer backgrounds ,whose parents cannot afford a smartphone,would be completely deprived of access to the online education classes organized by the school. Therefore it was really good news when we heard that some ex students were going... Continue Reading →

Inter House Championship Winners

Here is the final house points tally for the academic year.The totals include points scored for all the inter house events of the year starting with the Photography Competition in July 2019,going on through all the extra curricular house competitions,discipline points and class points. Keane House had been in the lead from the beginning of... Continue Reading →

Lil Champs

At the end of the academic year one student is selected from each class as the best student of the year.The winners are chosen on the basis of hard work,attendance,neatness in dress and work,courtesy,participation in extra curricular activities and regularity in submission of homework and assignments. They were supposed to receive a certificate and a... Continue Reading →

Winning Houses

Important events such as the Wimbledon Tournament,the Olympics,the English Premier League have got postponed/cancelled due to the pandemic. In school an even more important event as far as the boys are concerned was also subject to an unfortunate pandemic postponement. This was the end of the year declaration of the winning house in each class.... Continue Reading →

Best Student of each class

Every year at the end of the academic session,one student is chosen from each class as the Best Student of the Year. The class teacher,in consultation with the subject teachers,chooses one boy as best student based on the following criteria - hard work,attendance,neatness in dress and work,courtesy,participation in extra curricular activities and regularity in submission... Continue Reading →

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