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Best Student of each class

Every year at the end of the academic session,one student is chosen from each class as the Best Student of the Year. The class teacher,in consultation with the subject teachers,chooses one boy as best student based on the following criteria - hard work,attendance,neatness in dress and work,courtesy,participation in extra curricular activities and regularity in submission... Continue Reading →

Images 2019 – 2020

Best photographs of the Year 2019 - 2020 Here's a look at the 12 best photographs of the year gone by -to take our minds off the Pandemic and relive some memories of times when life was simple and there was much joy to be found in ordinary everyday events. In 12th place is this... Continue Reading →

Inter House Basketball Tournament

One of the last events to be completed in school shortly before we had to abruptly shut down due to the Covid 19 Pandemic was the Inter House Basketball Tournament. The tournament,for students of classes 7,8 and 9 began on the 6th of February and the games were played during school hours. Each team got... Continue Reading →

Inter Class Cricket

Over the last week many students have been seen rushing to school with great eagerness.Perhaps they were rushing to school eagerly because they were all anxious to finish the final exam portion as soon as possible so that they could start revising . That would have really been nice. However they have been actually rushing... Continue Reading →

Inter Class Football

The games of the brief,but exciting inter class football tournament for classes 5 to 8,were played during school hours in late January and early February.It was a knockout tournament with three games in each division- two semifinals and a final. CLASS 5 Classes 5C and 5D knocked the other two classes out to enter the... Continue Reading →

Farewell SSC 2020

The Farewell Ceremony for the students of SSC 2020 was held in the school hall on the 11th of February. The program began with the lighting of the lamp and a prayer service . Ashley Dsouza and Aldin Pereira,on behalf of the SSC batch of 2020, thanked the school teachers and staff for all the... Continue Reading →

Winning Houses in Class 10

The students of SSC 2020 have started their pre board study leave and we wish them all the best. The winning team from each class got their winning house party shortly before the prelim exams ended. In 10 A Murphy House was always on fire and they won the best house prize In 10 B... Continue Reading →

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