Indoor Games and other Activities

Winners of the Indoor Games Tournaments and other extra curricular activities that were held in July and August. INDOOR GAMES WINNERS 2022 Elocution winners CHORAL ELOCUTION WINNERS SOLO ELOCUTION WINNERS 2022 Spelling Bee Winners

Primary School Indoor Games 2022

In keeping with our commitment to promote all-round development of our students, indoor games were arranged this year with the theme of the Indian National Sports Day.¬†Announcements were made to call for participants from grades 2, 3 and 4 in Chess and Carrom competition in July‚Äô22. There were many participants including boys and girls who... Continue Reading →

Two more sunday gatherings ..

Ex students from the batches of 1989 - 1995 and 1996 - 2001 gathered in the school hall on the 13th and 20th of August respectively. Both gathering were excellent for those who attended. Lots of nostalgia and lots of memories were shared .There was a palpable sense of love and gratitute for the school... Continue Reading →

Independence Day 2022

Secondary students entered their classrooms this morning to the sound of patriotic songs being played over the intercom.It helped set the atmosphere for celebrating 75 years of our country's independence.At the ceremony outside the flag was raised by the seniormost teacher of our school Mrs Sybal Gonsalves.The rest of the program included an excellent speech... Continue Reading →

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