Br Foran Memorial Inter School Football

St Mary's School,a beautiful boarding school nestled among the hills of Mount Abu,Rajasthan,has been conducting an annual inter school Under 13 football tournament since the year 2004.The tournament is held in the memory of Br Raphael Foran,an Irish Christian Brother,who served in that school for many years. This year St Augustine's school sent a team... Continue Reading →

Murphy House win again

Keane House were ahead of Murphy points till the middle of February this year and it looked like they were going to become the winning house this year.However in a late surge Murphy House overtook them and won the Winning House Trophy by a very convincing margin of 220 points.Ashely,Robin and Chinmay were presented the... Continue Reading →

Scholarship and Award winners

The following boys were awarded for standing first and second in class in the academic year 2018 - 2019. CLASS  V - A 1ST Smit Rajendra Kubal 2ND Nachappa Udaya Baduvanda CLASS  V - B 1ST Kartik Digvijai Singh 2ND Stuart Mingel Fernandes CLASS  V - C 1ST Om Sunil Kulkarni 2ND Shaun Garifield Lopes... Continue Reading →

Inter House Basketball

Boys of classes 7 and 8 had their Inter House Basketball Tournament as per the schedule below. DATE TEAMS CLASS 7 CLASS 8 13TH FEBRUARY KEANE  V/S  WHITING 10-0 14-2 14TH FEBRUARY GOMES  V/S  WHITING 2-4 0-4 18th FEBRUARY GOMES  V/S  MURPHY 2-2 2-6 20TH  FEBRUARY KEANE  VS/  MURPHY 2-6 8-10 21ST FEBRUARY MURPHY  V/S ... Continue Reading →

Middle School Football

Classes 5,6,7 and 8 had their long awaited football tournament in the months of January and February.The tournament was played on a knockout basis which did not leave much margin for error.It was all or nothing. You either qualified for the next round or you bowed out gracefully.This is how the teams fared. CLASSES 5,6... Continue Reading →

Memories of Ms Tina

We are sojourners on earth and our days vanish like shadows.Yet the speedy flight of life,and the fact of the grave should not dismay us,but should teach us wisdom,wisdom to endow our fleeting days with abiding value.With the psalmist we say, “So teach us to number our days that we may get us a heart... Continue Reading →

Picnics again

The students of St Augustine's School,after a gap of many years,went on picnics again this academic year - much to the delight of all concerned. Here are some photographs of some of the kids enjoying themselves in some of the places they visited. Pre - Primary school They went and had a whole lot of... Continue Reading →

Scholarships and Awards

The following awards and scholarships were presented to the winners at the SSC Farewell Ceremony on the 8th of February. THE LATE JOHN GOVEAS PRIZE (For all round performance in class X) The scholarship was jointly awarded to Oswin Mendonca and Ayush Kilpady. THE BR S C MURPHY AWARD (For a deserving student from Class... Continue Reading →

Farewell SSC 2019

The batch of SSC 2019 gathered in the school hall on the 8th of February for their farewell ceremony.They did not realise it then,and some perhaps do not realise it even now,that it was the last time that they would be gathering together as one group in the hall. The time to bid farewell had... Continue Reading →

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