Trip to Sneha Sadan – Manor

On the 7th of July,Br Lurshai,Ms Joyce,Ms Joanna and 5 students from school (classes 9 and 10) visited Sneha Sadan in Manor as part of the school’s outreach program.Sneha Sadan is a Boarding House for poor students who live in neighbouring villages.Our school collected some funds for the children of the school as part of our Social Outreach Program.The money was used to purchase food items for the children of Sneha Sadan.
The is the second trip that was made to Sneha Sadan.The first trip was in April this year. Boys and teachers interacted with the children in Sneha Sadan.
The main purpose of the visit was to generate awareness among our students that all children do not have the same educational opportunities that they have.
The outreach program also gives our students the chance to share with those who are less privileged and experience the happiness that comes from giving.
Apart from Manor the school outreach program also supports an ashram at vasai east run by Fr. Vittal and mission at Uplat run by Fr. Vijay.
Some photographs of the trip to Manor..

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