Class 10 Inter House Quiz

(A writeup on the Class 10 Inter House Quiz 2018 by Austin Lobo of Class 10D)

The hall of St Augustine’s School boomed with the voice of Sir Egbert Pais,the host for the annual St Augustine’s quiz for the boys of class 10.
The four houses were represented by the following boys. Keane House team members were Austin Lobo,Crisjol Dsouza and Steve Dabre.Gomes House was represented by Dexter Fernandes,Aayan Khan and Aryan Mehta.Whiting House was represented by Murtaza Sapatwala,Manav Goradia and Ayush Kilpady.Murphy House team members were Jaden Franco,Elroy Dsouza and Samit Fernandes.
The quiz was made up of 9 very interesting and entertaining rounds.At the end of the 8th round Keane were leading with 110 points and Whiting were a close second with 100 points.
The last round was a very tricky one where teams could score both plus or minus points depending on whether they got their answers right or wrong.Each team got six questions for that round.
Whiting,who answered their questions first managed to reach 110 points.And Keane who started that round at 110 points unfortunately got more answers wrong than right and ended the round with their score reading 105.
Thus Whiting House won the quiz,but Keane House won the hearts of the audience for coming so close to winning and then losing it on the last question.
Thank you Sir Egbert for the wonderful Quiz.

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The rest of the video recording of the quiz can be viewed by clicking on the links below
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6

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