Middle School Football

Classes 5,6,7 and 8 had their long awaited football tournament in the months of January and February.The tournament was played on a knockout basis which did not leave much margin for error.It was all or nothing. You either qualified for the next round or you bowed out gracefully.This is how the teams fared.
CLASSES 5,6 and 7

The finals were played between 5C v/s 5D ,6A v/s 6D and 7B v/s 7D.
Winning Classes and names of the goalscorers are below.
Some photographs of all the action captured from the sidelines by budding photographers Kevin,Aden,Aryan and Miguel.

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Winning Classes
Classes 5C,6D and 7B emerged triumphant and here they are enjoying the fruit of their victories.

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Classes 8A,B,C and D battled it out and this is how they fared.
football 2
The finals were played between 8B and 8D.It was a closely contested game that ended with neither side being able to score.8B won the game in the ensuing penalty shootout and 8D had to go back with broken hearts.
(Photographs by Nathan Lopes of 9A)

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