Smartphones for Underprivileged Students

There is a grave danger that in this desperate time of the covid 19 pandemic many students from poorer backgrounds ,whose parents cannot afford a smartphone,would be completely deprived of access to the online education classes organized by the school.
Therefore it was really good news when we heard that some ex students were going to make an effort to remedy this situation.
The students of the SSC Batch of 1989 represented by Mr Girish Shetty,Mr Vilton Remedios, Mr Brian D’cunha and some of their close friends  organised the sponsoring of a set of 24 smartphones for the school.
The first batch of phones was delivered to the school by them today.
This venture is surely in keeping with the spirit of our founder Blessed Edmund Rice whose legacy of caring for underprivileged and marginalized – still inspires staff and students to follow in his footsteps.
This smartphone project organized by the SSC Batch of 1989 envisages that the phones be loaned to students who need them to use until such time that the online education projects end and they are able to return to school.
The phones would then be returned to the school to be utilized for internet based education programs in the future. SSC students ,who have been doing an online aptitude test for the last two years would also possibly be able to utilize the phones for this exam in the future.
It must also be mentioned that is the second project organized by the SSC Batch of 1989.
Last year they had arranged the sponsoring of 75 foldable desks for the school –which are now being used in the hall by the students during exams.
The management of St Augustine’s School expresses sincere gratitude to all those who contributed towards both these projects,thanks them for their generosity and wishes them all the very best.

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