Primary School Fancy Dress Competition

The Fancy Dress Competition for the Primary school is always an eagerly anticipated event every year. This year it unfortunately had to be an online competition.Participants instead of coming to school dressed in imaginative and creative costumes dressed up at home instead and sent the photographs to the teachers.
There were many wonderful and varied ideas presented and here are the names of the boys who won the competition.
Std 1
1st – Neil D’mello
2nd – Sai Marathe
3rd – Krishnav Nair
Std 2
1st – Breyon D’silva
2nd – Joshua Fereira
3rd – Marciano Fernandes & Ashlin D’souza
Std 3
1st – Nihar Vanmali
2nd – Shelden Pereira
3rd – Samved Trilotkar & Charles Dias
Std 4
1st – Aarav Shah
2nd – Tristan Colaco
3rd – Samarth Jadhav
And this is what they looked like.
primary fancy dress
Congratulations to all who participated and to their parents.

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