The importance of Art in Education

It is well researched and proven that education in art in its many forms is vital for the all round development of students.Art education is crucial and art education is important .There is unfortunately far too much emphasis on rote learning and the scoring of high marks in our current education system.The restrictions laid upon us due to the pandemic have prevented us from being able to allow students to participate in many of the co curricular art related programs in the school this academic year.However we have managed to get some of them done via online platforms.Here is one more.Students from classes 5 to 10 were invited to participate in a painting competition.

Here are the winners of the Middle School Art Competition for students of .classes 5 to 7




In the senior division there were 51 participants from standard 8, 38 participants from standard 9 and 15 participants from standard 10.The event was organised and executed online by Mrs. Smita D’mello.
Mr. Roger Cerejo who is an Art teacher and a professional artist, along with teachers Ms Prathiba and Ms Smita judged the drawings.Names of the winners below.




Congratulations to all the winners and participants and thanks to all the teachers who organised and coordinated the event.

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