Class 8: Poster making

The Poster making competition for class 8 was held on Saturday, 31st July, 2021. This competition conducted by Mrs. Menisa Lemos and Ms. Clarissa Gonsalves. The themes for the posters were (a) Waste Reduction and (b) Save Wildlife.

                          Thirty – eight students from class 8 participated in this competition which was held via Google Classroom from 8.00 am to 10.30 am. Each participant was given two and a half hours to make a poster on any one topic of their choice. All the participants at once set to work on the subject each one chose. It was really a great pleasure to watch them making their posters. The boys were engrossed in their work and after the end of two and a half hours another half an hour was given in order to do the finishing and finally after a long wait the posters were ready. All the posters were very attractive and left behind beautiful messages of protecting and saving the environment.                                                                         

                           We are grateful to Mrs Sigmila Pereira, Mrs Venecia Naik and Mrs Pratibha Gonsalves for giving their valuable time to judge this competition. It was really a memorable event.   

                           The winners of the competition are as follows:

                                                               (1)  Shivam Tarafdar  8B  Gomes House

                                                                    (2)  Aaryan Satam 8B Whiting House

                                                                     (3)  Jayesh Vaishnav 8D Gomes House

                                       Consolation Prize : Allwyn Fernandes 8A   Keane House

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