Fancy Dress Activity with a difference

Community helpers are people that help our society to keep functioning well. Keeping in mind the fact that our little preschoolers love to dress up and act the way adults do,an activity on Community Helpers was organized. Since the students had already learnt about the topic mentioned thence from the G.K. book, they were only too eager to put their new-found knowledge into practice. The children surprised us by thinking broader than just doctors, nurses, teachers and soldiers. Some dressed up as vegetable vendors,farmers, firefighters, tailors and hair dressers. Each student, dressed in their best, spoke a few lines about their profession.
This Activity was organised as a tribute to the formally unsung warriors who have emerged as real patriots during these testing times. All in all, images & videos of the chirpy and colorful project have been displayed below. A totally brilliant effort.Congrats to all the teachers and parents involved.

In pictures

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