Wealth out of Waste

BEST OUT OF WASTE is a craft in which useful and picturesque objects are made out of waste products. In order to make children aware of uses of waste material, and to give them a lesson on reducing waste to save our future, a ‘Best out of waste’ competition was organized for class 5 on 22nd of February 2022 in the school hall from 10:30am to 1:30pm. Mrs. Pratibha Gonsalves and Mrs. Rena Tuscano were the teachers incharge for the competition.

 It was amazing to see the students transforming scrap material into useful and beautiful articles.

The judges for the competition were Mrs. Smita Dmello,Mrs. Venecia Naik and Mrs. Ginny Dmello

The following students were the winners.

1st : Sourit Sarkar- 5 D (Yellow)


2nd : Aarush Rana- 5D (Yellow)


3rd : Ayush Marasary- 5D (Yellow)


3rd : Yash Gharat- 5C (Green)


Consolation : Aryan Bhowad- 5 A (Yellow)



Class 6 students had their competition on the 23rd of February, 2022 in the school hall at 10:30 am. There were 13 participants in all. The competition was conducted by Mrs. Venecia Naik and Mrs. Roshni Rodrigues. The Judges for this competition were Mrs. Pratibha Gonsalves, Mrs. Clera D’mello and Mrs. Sweetie Gonsalves .The winners ..

1st – Chinmay Arun – 6B – Whiting

2nd – Jaden Cusher – 6D – Gomes

3rd – Ansell Fernandes – 6D – Whiting

Consolation – Umair Misal – 6B – Whiting


The little hands and imaginative minds of the students from class 7A ,B, C, D came together in a burst of creative energy for the competition of ‘ Best out of waste ‘ competition held on 26h February 2022.

The competition focused on enabling the students to understand the importance of preserving the environment and learning more about sustainability. Instead of throwing away waste items , we could use them to create wonderful, useful things!

 Under the supervision of Ms.Sweedal D’sa and Ms. Clera Rebello our students created beautiful items using spoons,coconut shells , old newspapers, ice cream sticks , nut  shells etc.

Our judges Br. Lurshai, Ms. Pratibha and Ms,Smita examined every item created and gave us the following winners :

First : Zakiy M. Subhedhar ( Class 7B )

2nd: Akash Patankar ( 7A)

3rd: Vishnu Menon ( 7D)

3rd:Kyle Cardoz (7C)

Consolation Prize: Neev Menon ( 7D)

Neev Menon

Thanks to all the teachers who got together to organise these wonderful competitions.

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