Remembering old teachers

Felicitation of retired teachers by the SSC Class of 1977

The book of Daniel tells us that “Those who are wise will shine like the brightness of the heavens, and those who instruct many unto justice, shine like the stars for ever and ever”

The Class of 1977 felicitated retired teachers Ms. Shobha, Sr. Rosylyn, Sir. Joseph and Sir Britto a few days ago. Some of them were meeting their old teachers after 45 years.

Truly a class act on the part of the Class of 77.

Given below is a writeup on the event….

On April 23, 2022 some 30 odd people all aged around 60 years from different walks of life met at Imperia Banquets, Bhabola. They had one thing in common though. All had passed out of St. Augustine’s in the year 1977. This motley group met periodically.
Only this time it was different as the get-together also included 4 teachers who were being met after some 45 years. Miss Shobha, Sir Joseph Pereira, Sir. Britto and Sr. Roselyn

Our Class of ’77 at St. Augustine’s High School (Vasai) was always a bit different.. What a thoughtful gesture it was to invite our fabulous teachers for a grand reunion where they were felicitated

Sister Roselyn Karakattu flew down from Patna for the evening to be with her ‘boys’.
Yes, we will always be the boys shaped by these selfless, dedicated teachers.
It was rolling back of all the years (actually, well over 4 decades!) and revisiting our childhoods, re-connecting with our Teachers.

Am truly proud to belong to a batch of Classmates, my jigri dosts who have scaled success in life in their diverse spheres. Even more so for how thoughtful, compassionate and gracious they are.

If we are able to live up to the values our fine school and our Teachers had inculcated in us , we just might do them proud.

Thanks to Emerald ( batch of 77) for the writeup and the photographs.

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  1. So nice of them ( Take a bow class of 77 our seniors) . Even we the batch of 88 are thinking of arranging a meet up with our teachers. This school has been a large part of our ecosystem.


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