Alumni gatherings get off to a good start

Alumni of the school have planned to gather in school on 6 sundays according to the schedule given below as part of the Golden Jubilee Celebrations

The first of the gatherings on the 31st of July was a resounding success.

Ex students from the following batches made it for the event.

1972-73 : 9 batchmates

1974-75 : 3 batchmates

1976-77 : 9 batchmates

1977-78 : 6 batchmates

1979-80 : 8 batchmates

1980-81 : 13 batchmates

1981-82 : 5 batchmates

The agenda planned for the events was as follows

1. Welcome note

2. Debrief on plans for the Jubilee Celebrations

3. Volunteering for participation in committees

4. Break out and Photo sessions.

Ex-students introduced themselves and shared their experiences and memories of school, It was a heart warming ocassion and it is hoped that the meetings on subsequent sundays will be equally successful.


Here’s an appeal from Aniket Salvi (SSC 2004) to all who are still in two minds about coming on the sunday designated for them

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