Independence Day 2022

Secondary students entered their classrooms this morning to the sound of patriotic songs being played over the intercom.It helped set the atmosphere for celebrating 75 years of our country’s independence.At the ceremony outside the flag was raised by the seniormost teacher of our school Mrs Sybal Gonsalves.The rest of the program included an excellent speech by Aarush Rajput of class 8A,a beautifully rendered song by Sir Rostan and his group of singers and prayers of blessing for our country on this special day. The program concluded with all students reciting together Rabindranath Tagore’s beautiful prayer poem “Where the mind is without fear “

The Primary School Program was recorded on video so we can get a ringside view of the program as it unfolded

Thanks to Br Larry for the video recording and to all the teachers who helped train the students for all the celebratory events in school today.

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