Inter School Elocution Competition

You can speak well if your tongue can deliver the message of your heart.”

As part of the ongoing Golden Jubilee celebrations an Interschool Elocution Competition was held in the school hall on Friday, 30th September 2022. St. Aloysius English High School, Carmelite Convent English School, Nazareth Convent High School, St. Xavier’s English Medium School and Notre Dame School participated in this event. Each school was represented by 2 participants .Neev D’Souza (Class 10) and Nigel D’souza (Class 9) represented St. Augustine’s in this competition.

The Comperes for the competition were Kielan Naik and Om Kulkarni from Class 10.

The audience for the competition were students of class 10, teachers from the participating schools and a few teachers from our school.

The participants had to speak on any one of the following topics:

  1. Make a Change for Climate Change.
  2. Why Books are Better than their Movies?
  3. Things I learnt during the lockdown.

All the participants spoke with great zeal and enthusiasm and it was a treat to hear them.

The panel of Judges included Mrs. Lavrine Andrades from Thomas Baptista D.Ed. College, Mrs. Archana Almeida from Thomas Baptista Junior college and Mrs. Dimple Salins, the co-founder of Yellow Butterfly Academy in Vasai East and trainer at Dimple’s English Club.

Before the result was revealed, the principal, Br. Anish spoke a few words of encouragement. Br. Anish appreciated the effort put in by the students. Br also reiterated the importance of such activities which enhanced self confidence.

The winners of the competition were as follows:

The 1st place was bagged by Kiara Vartak from Notre Dame School.

The 2nd place was jointly shared by
Anushka Aloz from St. Xavier’s English Medium School and Neev D’Souza from St. Augustine’s High School.

The 3rd place was secured by Nigel D’souza from St. Augustine’s High School.


The 3rd place went to Nigel D’souza of St Augustine’s School

Neev D’souza ( St Augustine’s ) and Anushka Aloz ( St Xavier’s ) were joint second place winners.

The judges chose Kiara Vartak from Notre Dame School to be the best speaker of the day and the winner of the competition .

The judges for the event were Mrs. Lavrine Andrades,Mrs Archana Almeida and Mrs Dimple Salins.

The judges with our school manager Br Vinay
Judges with secondary school coordinators Ms Ranjeeta and Ms Joyce Pinto

Congratulations to all the participants and the winners.Thanks to all teachers who helped to coordinate and organise the event.

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