The return of Correia Memorial 2022

The much awaited resumption (paused since the 23rd of July) of the Correia Memorial Tournament 2022 finally took place on the 28th of December. The long delay was due to the fact that the field was damaged in the monsoon and was unfit for play. The rejoicing players gathered on the basketball court early morning as the sun rose over the trees that border the field.


9B got a 5-0 lesson in football from class 10D .Goals were scored by Harsh,Ayan(2) ,Grenville and Vernon.

On the other field 10B beat 9D by 2 goals to one .Ethan,Gavin and Kartik were the goal scorers.Two more days of league games remain .

Points Table so far..

Thanks to Sirs Barry and Brice and to Sir Murugan for coordinating the long awaited resumption of the tournament.

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