The Joy of Giving

For the last month or so students of the school from pre primary, primary and secondary were involved in contributing various items for our Joy of Giving outreach program. Students of each class were asked to voluntarily contribute a specific type of item such as stationery,cooking oil,lentils,tea,soap etc.Class 10 boys donated money which was used to buy bags of rice.The collected items were gifted to Asha Ankur Ashram yesterday by Ms Joyce,Ms Racquel and the boys of the Social Justice Team.

Here is a short write up about the experience ..

“The measure you give is the measure you receive.”
A very big Thank You to all the students and teachers for enabling the Social Justice Team to successfully handle the Joy of Giving Campaign.

It was indeed a joy to get an opportunity to visit the Asha Ankur Ashram at Sativali, which enables children who are not as fortunate as us to lead a decent life.

The inmates are children from Talaasari almost 100 km away from Vasai, .They are tribal kids in the age group of 8 to 15 years who have only one parent who is not able to take care of them. The Cannosian Community provides shelter to these children along with education and life skills.

Our boys interacted with the children there. This helped them to get some understanding how blessed they themselves were with respect to parental care,schooling and the comforts of life . Br Robert manages the ashram with its day to day activity. He discussed the routine of those in the Ashram which involved washing, cleaning, gardening, baking along with studies. The boys study in St. Xavier’s Marathi medium school in St. Michael’s Church campus Manickpur. Br Robert has invited us to spend a week with them to understand them and their work. It was an enriching experience for all of us .Our visit concluded with a short thanksgiving prayer in the Chapel.

( Mrs Joyce Pinto)

Some photographs

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