Primary School Elocution Competition

Elocution plays an important role in the formation, articulation and pronunciation of speech. It helps students to exhibit their budding oratory skills. With this objective in mind, an elocution competition for the students of class 3 and 4 was held on 6th March, 2023. There were 12 participants from each standard. They spoke on a variety of topics such as Kindness, Save the environment, Laughter is the best medicine etc.

The Winners were …..

1st Place :- Nash Dsouza
2nd Place :- Maverick Carvalho.
2nd Place :- Kayden Dias:
3rd Place :- Mikel Rodricks

1st Place :- Adrian D’mello
2nd Place :- Faaz Mishal
3rd Place :- Aarav Kalbate
3rd Place :- Russel Fernandes.

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