Teacher’s Day 2018

Students of classes 8,9 and 10 put up a very beautiful program for the teachers on Teacher’s Day this year.
The program began with a short prayer service.
Winster and Prakhar,the MC’s for the day,then took over and led the audience through the rest of the program.
The first item was a well spoken speech of appreciation presented by Aryan Mehta of Class 10.
This was followed by very entertaining skit on school life which told the story of some of the happenings in a classroom on a normal day in school.There was plenty of singing,dancing and humour in the presentation.

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Elijah and Aditya came up next and sang very beautifully two songs that were dedicated to all the teachers.

Then there was a brilliant bit of musical fusion – where two guitars,a keyboard and tabla combined and rendered a medley of three instrumental pieces.

The final act of the morning was a “Retro Dance” presented by students of classes 9 and 10.

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The video of the dance can be seen here ..
The participants then lined up on the stage steps and all the gathered teachers gave them a very very well deserved round of appreciative applause .
(Thanks to Shawn Sequeira for the photos and to Nathan Lopes for the Videos)

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