SAS Spelling Champs

Meet the Spelling Champs of SAS.They are the winners of the Spelling Bee Competitions that were held in school a few days ago.
The senior section had a very colourful,high tech and enjoyable Spelling Bee Competition organised by Ms Ranjeeta and Ms Ginny.
Adam Pereira,Austin Lobo,Mihir Rumao,Dhruv Hatkar,Siddhant Nair,Clive Nunes and Aditya Ajay were the finalists who had to battle it out to see who would become the spelling champion of SAS.
In the end it was Austin Lobo who spelled all the others into submission.
Mihir Rumao ended up a close second.
The middle school had an equally energetic spelling bee organised by Ms Venecia Naik and Ms Geetha. Mihir Khatri emerged the best speller of the school and Joshua Britto was the runner up.
Some photographs from both competitions below..
Senior Spelling Bee

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Middle Spelling Bee

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