Correia Memorial:10B v/s 10C

10B in red took on 10C in blue in the second semi final and watching the Reds v/s the Blues was a bit like watching Manchester United playing against Chelsea.
10C’s Swarup Patil,who had not been able to play for his class until today because of a broken hand,finally made his long awaited debut in this crucial game.
And it looks like he brought them luck.
10C won the closely fought game by two goals to zero.The goals were scored in the second half by Vinayak and Dhruv.
10B fought bravely and can be content with the fact that they did their best.
Vinayak picked up the man of the match award.
10 C thus will take on the mighty unbeaten 10A in the final,the date of which is a most closely guarded secret.The venue for the final though is not a secret.
The venue is not Old Trafford or Stamford Bridge but our very own St Augustine’s Field which behaved itself very well for the two semi final games.
Wishing both teams all the best for the finals.

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(Photography by Gaurang Rane and Seeman)

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