Correia Memorial : 10 A v/s 10 D

Tournament favourites 10A beat 10D by one goal in the first semi final earlier today.Lynne Ghosal scored the only goal of the game when 10D goalie,Siddanth Nair,misjudged the bounce of the ball and allowed it to go over his head into the goal.
Both teams defended very well.
10 A captain Deep Patel was like a wall in the defence for his team.
In the first half he played in defence and then took over as goalkeeper once the goal had been scored.
10A will now meet either 10C or 10B in the finals.
Lynne Ghosal was declared man of the match.
(Writeup contributed by Leslie D’sylva,Jayesh Shinde and Ayush Kilpady)

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(Photography by Gaurang Rane)

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