Pre Primary Sports Day

The Pre Primary School had a wonderfully well organised Sports Day on the 12th of December.The little ones put on a super display of dance,drills,races and general fun.They moved from place to place with great precision and discipline and they did their best at all the events that were on display.They were little champs all the way.
Photographs of the Junior Kg boys dancing to the tune of ” If you’re happy//”

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Some photographs of the Sr Kg Drill Display

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A variety of races:Everybody got a chance to run.But first they had to take some time to either dress up in a skirt,or put on some makeup,or fill a bottle ,or balance a ball on a plate or do something else that made the race more entertaining or challenging.

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The parents were invited to get into the spirit of Sports Day by taking part in a game of “Bomb the City.”

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The secondary students who came to help as volunteers were a great help to the teachers.

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Ms Audrey,the Pre Primary School Coordinator brought the program to a close at a little after 10:00 am with a short vote of thanks.It was a great sports day.Congratulations to all the teachers and students for a truly wonderful performance.

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