Elocution and Just a minute

Two competitions were held in the month of July to help the students of SAS get to be a little better in english.One was a group competition and the other one was a solo competition.
In the elocution competition each class had to present a group choral recitation of a poem.Every boy of every class from 5A to 10 D took part in the competition which was held over a period of 3 days from the 15th of July onwards.
A lot of effort was put in by all the class teachers to ensure that their boys came up to the stage and said their elocution piece well.
The following classes emerged the winners of the competition for speaking with the greatest amount of poise,clarity and conviction.
Class 5C ( I had a great day)
Class 6B ( The crocodile)
Class 7B ( The train)
Class 8D ( The duck and the kangaroo)
Class 9C (The charge of the Light Brigade)
Class 10 ( If I were a voice)

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It is a mysterious paradox that students who can chatter incessantly for most of the school day if there is no teacher present in class suddenly become utterly tongue tied and bereft of ideas when asked to speak for a mere minute in a Just a Minute competition.
There were rules of course.The participants had to speak without stammering,hesitating,making grammatical errors or repeating themselves.
The following boys qualified for the finals of the competition.
Class 9: Shawn D’Mello,Maitreya Kolvankar,Krish Chakraborty,Taqi Rivi,Ryan M and Warren M.
Class 10: Ashely,Slen,Aditya K,Shivansh,Nash and Russell.

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They were given absolutely no time to prepare what they would say and so had to utilise presence of mind and a sense of humour to speak on topics that were not serious.
To speak spontaneously on topics such as ” My dog is too lazy to bark” or “Sherlock Holmes and the missing potato” require a bit of ready imagination.
The audience were kept well entertained by their efforts.
They all did pretty well and at the end the winners of the competition were Russell Martin from Class 10 and Krish Chakraborty from class 9.

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