Robert Correia Memorial Tournament 2019

The opening ceremony of the second edition of the Sir Robert Correia Memorial Inter Class Football Tournament took place on the 13th of August.
The 8 teams,dressed up in their spanking new kits,lined up in the school hall.Hanson David lead the players in the oath of good sportsmanship.

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The teams with their class teachers

The two pools for this year’s tournament are
The opening game between 10A and 10C was played immediately after the opening ceremony.
10C became the first team to chalk up a win in the tournament.They beat 10A 2-1.
Shivam,Deepesh and Klusner were the goalscorers.

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The photographs taken by Nathan Lopes reveal that one inevitable consequence of playing football on the school grounds during the monsoon is that pristine new football jerseys end up becoming pretty much unrecognisable at the end of the game -because they,and the players,both get uniformly covered with a layer of mud.
The second set of teams to endure this muddying of their pristine new kits were 10B and 10D.They played their first game shortly after the first game got over.10B emerged triumphant from the mud.They beat 10D 2-0 and rushed home to have a bath – rejoicing and largely unrecognisable.Alan Babu and Sujeet were the goalscorers.

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