Correia Memorial Update

The second season of the Robert Correia Memorial Football Tournament came to an unexpected stop after three games were played because the rain converted the beloved St Augustine’s football field into a bit of a tropical marshland.
The field was reasonably okay for the first two games but by the time the third game between 10C and 9A came around it became almost impossible to play on.

The ball refused to move very far no matter how hard it was kicked.

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The players,ankle deep in mud sometimes,kicked mud on each other for most of the game.There was so much water at the far end of the field that that the goalie at that end might as well have been playing waterpolo.The field was so much like a swamp in some places that an alligator would have felt quite at home. At the end of all the mud kicking 10C emerged triumphant beating 9A 1-0.
The tournament was therefore suspended for a few days till playing conditions could improve .The sunshine that we had over the weekend helped to dry things up a bit and the field was far more playable today .
9A took to the field again today and the photographs below clearly show the vastly improved state of the field.

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10 A were the stronger side and most of the game was played in the 9A half.However they were unable to get past 9A’s very impressive defence and so the tournament had its first goalless draw of the season.
Harshit Chaube,heart of 9A’s defence,was declared best player of the game
If it continues not to rain the games that remain can be played according to the planned fixtures and the alligators can go somewhere else.

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