9C create history again

In the first season of the Correia Memorial Tournament last year,9C had created a bit of history for itself by becoming the team to lose by the largest goal margin.Last year they were beaten 6-0 by 10 B.
Fast forward to this year and history has repeated itself.
9C are currently holding the unenviable record of being the team that has picked up the largest defeat margin in the tournament so far.
They lost 9 – 0 .
And curiously,they were beaten by this margin by 10C,the holders of last year’s biggest defeat margin record.
So last year’s 9C has improved tremendously.
After being beaten by the largest margin last year they now hold the record of winning with the biggest victory margin this year.
There were two hat trick scorers in the game.Yasin and Deepesh both scored hat tricks enroute to the historic win.
This year’s 9C can now try to beat some other class by an even bigger margin if they want to get rid of the record they currently hold.
Or they might decide to wait till next year.

Photographic highlights of the action below…

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