Primary School Elocution

The choral and individual poetry recitation competition for standard 3rd and 4th was conducted on 27th September 2019. The students recited the poems
with lot of enthusiasm. The effort put in by the teachers and students was visible on the stage . The judges Br. Cedric Andrade and Mrs. Calista Miranda were impressed by the performance of the students.
The winners of choral recitation competition:
1) Standard 3D
2) Standard 4B
The winners of Individual poetry recitation competition for
Standard 3
1st place : Benson Bejoy 3D
2nd place : Arnav Gharat 3C
Sourit Sarkar 3D
3rd place : Pratyush Kotiyan3B and Shaun joshi 3C

Standard 4
1st place : Aariz Shaik 4B
2nd place :Chinmay Arun 4B
3rd place : Joshua Mendonca 4 B.

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