Correia Memorial Semi Final takes place at last

The rain delayed and repeatedly postponed semifinal games of this year’s Correia Memorial Tournament finally got played on the 24th of October.
10A took on 10B in the first semifinal that got underway shortly after 7: 30 am.The players,recovering from exam tension from the first semester exams that concluded on the 23rd of October were not at their brightest.10 B had previously won all their league games and had reached the semis as topper of the pool B teams.10A in contrast won only one of their league games.They lost one game and drew the other on their road to the semis.
10A’s defence defended deep and doughtily but their forward line went missing for most of the game.They were eventually outclassed by 10B and lost the game 3- 0.
Photographs of some of the action

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The second semifinal was played between pool A toppers 10C and 9D.If 10A’s defence defended deep and doughtily 9D’s defence did the complete opposite.They disappeared entirely. When the referee blew his whistle wearily the end of the second half the score line stood at 8-0.
The poor 9D goalie spent most of his game watching the ball sail past him into the goal.
Prior to this game there were three possible contenders for the Golden Boot.Deepesh K and Hanson D were tied at 4 goals each and Yasin had scored 3.
Deepesh dodged and weaved his way between the completely confused defence of 9D to score 4 goals in this game to take his individual tally to 8 .
The finals between 10B and 10C are scheduled to be played on 14th November (Children’s Day) and it remains to be seen if Hanson or Yasin can catch up with him now.
Photographs of some of the action

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