Children’s Day 2019

The students had a special assembly and prayer service to mark the occasion.They were a bit disappointed that they were not allowed to come to school in coloured clothes like the senior students.But watching a movie on the smartboards in the classrooms and eating snacks while it was going on made up a bit for the disappointment.

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The secondary school students too had an enjoyable day in school.They too had class parties and watched movies in the classroom for the first half of the day.The seniors got to witness the long awaited finals of the interclass football tournament in which 10B and 10C battled it out for the Robert Correia Memorial Trophy. There was assembly on the school field and the teachers conducted a special prayer service for the children of the school and for the children of the world.

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handful of rice
The most significant aspect of the Children’s Day Celebration today however was about a handful of rice.
Each student of the secondary school was requested to bring a handful of rice to school today.The rice they all brought was to be collected and sent to an organisation called The Lighthouse Foundation who have a feeding program in which they feed 150 slum children every saturday somewhere near Vasai Station.
The little bit of rice that each boy brought added up to quite a lot.
WhatsApp Image 2019-11-14 at 3.06.14 PM
The good people from the Lighthouse Foundation were delighted to be able to collect four large sacks of rice from us today for their feeding program.
It helped our children to aware of the many children in the India who have never had the good fortune to celebrate children’s day.They also learned that “if each one shares a litte,there will be enough for everyone”

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It was an enjoyable and meaningful Children’s Day Celebration for the students today and they all went home happy.

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