Winning Houses in Class 10

The students of SSC 2020 have started their pre board study leave and we wish them all the best.
The winning team from each class got their winning house party shortly before the prelim exams ended.
In 10 A Murphy House was always on fire and they won the best house prize
In 10 B Gomes House proved that east or west – Gomes was the best.
In 10C the Murphy House boys got to raise their voices higher than the rest because,like in 10A, Murphy was the best team.
10D had Keane House emerge as the winning house.Keane House also currently leads the other houses in the Overall Championship Tally by a margin of 835 points.
So Alston and Tanish got to raise the Winning Trophy for Keane House.
Congratulations to all the winners and all the best for the SSC Exams

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