Farewell SSC 2020

The Farewell Ceremony for the students of SSC 2020 was held in the school hall on the 11th of February.
The program began with the lighting of the lamp and a prayer service .
Ashley Dsouza and Aldin Pereira,on behalf of the SSC batch of 2020, thanked the school teachers and staff for all the guidance and care they had received in all their years in school.

Marcus Rozario,an ex student of St Augustine’s ,then gave a brief motivational talk to the gathered students.He shared memories of his school days and  events from his personal life experience which  had led him to understand that the good values learned during school days would one day bear good fruit later on.
The students listened to him with rapt attention and his words made a deep impression on them.

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This was followed by distribution of Certificates of Appreciation and Scholarships and awards.
All the outgoing school leaders were given certificates of appreciation for their service to school.
SCHOOL LEADERS 2019 – 2020

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Best Cricket and Football Players


Scholarships and Awards
Kevin Rosario was the recepient of the John Goveas Prize for All Round Performance in school .

Omkar Salunke was awarded the C S Murphy Scholarship for Hardwork

c s murphy award
Br C S Murphy Award for Hardwork.
Awarded to Omkar Salunke

There were three recepients for the Br Gildas Tynan Award for Excellence in Extra Curricular Activities.
Elijah Baskar,Aditya Chakraborty and Nathan Lopes were awarded this scholarship.Elijah and Aditya for excellence in music and Nathan for excellence in both music and photography.

The Batch of 1991 Award for the most hardworking student of SSC 2020 was given to Rohit Tiwari.Without going for any tutorial classes he consistently scored over 80% in all his exams in the year due to hard work and diligent study.

The Award for the Best Overall Student of SSC 2020 was presented to Ashley Dsouza for his excellence in academics,extra curricular activities and for his leadership in school.

The award ceremony concluded the “serious” part of the ceremony.
Some fun and games and light entertainment followed.
The students of class 9 presented a dance for the occasion.

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There were games of skill and games of chance.Prizes were given for feats of incredible skill(such as being able to eat a biscuit balanced on your nose without using your hands ) and for more mundane things like being the tallest boy in school or being the one who was wearing the biggest watch.There was food to be eaten and fun to be had.

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After the entertainment program was over the boys lined up and received from their class teachers a personal copy of the souvenir and one more blessing that they would use their time well and do well in their exams and always.

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 Photographs by Taqi Rizvi(9D) and Ishaant Trimbakkar (8B)

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