Inter Class Football

The games of the brief,but exciting inter class football tournament for classes 5 to 8,were played during school hours in late January and early February.It was a knockout tournament with three games in each division- two semifinals and a final.

Classes 5C and 5D knocked the other two classes out to enter the final. Class 5D emerged winners beating 5C 1-0


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Classes 6A and 6C entered the finals .The game went to penalties and 6A beat 6C 8-7 eventually.


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7B and 7C were the finalists and 7C beat 7B 1-0 to win the tournament.


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And in the Class 8 section 8B and 8C entered the finals and 8B hammered 8C 4-0 to emerge winners.


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Thanks to Sirs Barry and Brice for conducting the tournament.A basketball tournament is currently underway and a much anticipated inter class cricket tournament lies ahead.
Then final exams.
(Photography by Ishaan Trimbakkar and Harsh Varia)

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  1. Congratulations to all the winning teams as well as the runner ups. It’s very interesting to read all your posts.


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