Secondary Class Photographs

Here’s a look at the class photographs for the year.
Those who have ordered copies will get them when school reopens.
5A DSCF2440 305B DSCF2444-345C DSCF2445- 275D DSCF2448-366A DSCF2450-246B DSCF2452-346C DSCF2455-376D DSCF2458-157A DSCF2461-327B DSCF2463-317C DSCF2465-347D DSCF2467-288A DSCF2468-178B DSCF2471-438C DSCF2472-328D DSCF2525-379A DSCF2478-329B DSCF2481-309C DSCF2490-359D DSCF2484-41

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