Images 2019 – 2020

Best photographs of the Year 2019 – 2020
Here’s a look at the 12 best photographs of the year gone by -to take our minds off the Pandemic and relive some memories of times when life was simple and there was much joy to be found in ordinary everyday events.

In 12th place is this photograph from the Correia Memorial Semifinal between 10B and 10A.The migratory Egrets that visit the school field during the monsoon can be seen in the background ( displaying a pointed lack of interest in football )

An audience of Egrets

In 11th place is this moment from the High Jump competition frozen in time in this photograph taken by Taqi Rizvi.
Up above the world so high

In 10th place is this photograph from sports 2019. All four boys have their feet off the ground.
Flying Feet

In 9th place is this photograph from the middle school football tournament.The players hands and feet form an interesting tableau.
Poetry in motion

In 8th place is this brilliant shot of a pull shot from Jatin Mathpal of class 7A – getting off the ground to control his stroke.
The photograph was taken by Mr Vianney(who had come to school that day to take the class photographs)

In 7th place is another photograph from the Correia Memorial Football Tournament. In the pouring rain Hanson weaves his way through defenders on a field that had become a swamp of black mud in the monsoon.
Football can be a dirty game

In 6th place is this moment at the start of a race-when everyone kind of hopes for the best and no one has yet fallen by the wayside.(Also the monsoon is over – so the field has lost its swamp like properties)
Initial Enthusiasm

In 5th place is this photograph from the Primary School Annual Day – a beautiful reminder that India’s strength lies in its unity in diversity.
India: Unity in Diversity

In 4th place is this photograph from the secondary annual day when Warren Machado of 9D mesmerised the audience with his marvellous music.
Musical Maestro

In 3rd place is this photograph which captures the joy of the moment when Gomes House were declared the winners of the Sports Championship Trophy 2019.
That Winning Feeling

In 2nd place is this very creative photograph of the sun rising over the boys assembled for Sports Rehearsals sometime in december last year.(Photo by Taqi Rizvi)
Sunrise at Sports Rehearsals

And finally in 1st place is this photograph from the Primary School Sports Day.
Best Photograph of the Year

Taqi Rizvi of class 9D was given the award of Best Photographer of the Year for that shot and all the other good photographs he had taken over the year.A quirk of unintended irony – no one actually remembered to take a photograph of Taqi receiving the award of best photographer.

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