Best Student of each class

Every year at the end of the academic session,one student is chosen from each class as the Best Student of the Year.
The class teacher,in consultation with the subject teachers,chooses one boy as best student based on the following criteria – hard work,attendance,neatness in dress and work,courtesy,participation in extra curricular activities and regularity in submission of homework and assignments.
The selected students are given an award and a certificate at a special assembly.This year,because of the lockdown,the assembly could not be held.The selection had been done and the prizes were ready- but school closed down before the ceremony could be held.
So here are the names of the boys selected as “Best Student of Each Class’
The awards and certificates will be given out when school reopens.





Congratulations to all the winners for their achievement and for the good example they give to other students.Congratulations to all their parents as well.

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