Investiture Ceremony 2021

The Investiture Ceremony for the school leaders of the academic year 2021-2022 took place in the school hall on the 31st of August.

It was a rain drenched morning and at one stage it looked like the students,parents and teachers who were part of the program might not be able to make to school because of flooding in low lying areas. However most managed to overcome the hurdles presented by the lashing rain and water logged roads and turned up well in time.So the ceremony went ahead as scheduled.

The badges were presented to the school leaders by their parents.The symbols of their leadership – the house flag and sash were given to them by the teachers present. Recently retired teachers Mrs Audrey Moniz and Mrs Valentina Dsilva graced the ocassion with their presence.They presented the School Captain (Blaise Saji) and Assistant School Captain (Kartik Singh) with the sash and school flag.

Thanks to Sir Barry for the photographs..

Each of the newly appointed leaders was asked to choose a quote that summed up their idea of leadership and this is what they chose..

We wish them all the best as we continue the school year ,which for now,remains online.

Thank you to all the teachers,staff members,parents and school leaders whose presence helped to make our rainy day leadership ceremony a memorable one.

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  1. Lovely Committmemt showed by everyone involved inspite of Torrential rains. Its all due to the Love for our St. Augustine’s.


  2. Very nice and motivational to conduct such a ceremony during this difficult period. Nice pictures. All the very best to the school leaders and captains.


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