Class 5 Elocution

The Solo Elocution competition for class 5 was held on Tuesday,31st August. It was conducted by Mrs. Jessie Fernando and Ms. Neyomie Dcunha . The participants had to speak on any one of these topics …
i) Save water- Save Earth
ii) Education- The solution to Poverty
iii) Healthy Oceans
iv) Gender Equality

Eleven students from class 5 participated in this competition. Each participant was given 2 minutes to speak on any one topic of their choice. All the participants worked really very hard for the competition. It was really a great pleasure to hear them speaking.After conducting an elimination round the finalists were asked to submit a video of their elocution recital.
Thanks to Mrs. Ginny D’mello, Ms. Olivia Vaz and Ms. Clarissa Gonsalves for being the judges for the final round.
The winners of the competition are as follows:
(1) Shaun Joshi 5 C -Whiting House
(2) Kemuel Dabreo 5 A -Gomes House
(3) Arnav Gharat 5 C -Whiting House
Consolation Prize : Sourit Sarkar 5 A -Whiting House


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