Class 7 Elocution

The solo online elocution competition for the students of class 7 was conducted by Ms Sweedle Colaco and Ms Snehal Dias. It was a brilliant opportunity for the speakers to express their views on the following topics.
1) Climate Change – A global security threat
2) Inequality – Root cause of social evils
3)Peace – A product of justice
4)Hunger – The worst weapon of mass destruction.

12 students were selected after an elimination round and they submitted videos of themselves saying their chosen pieces for the final round.
We are extremely grateful to our judges Ms Crystal Falcao, Ms Sania Vaz, Ms Neyomie D’cunha who evaluated our budding orators .Thanks also to the teachers who coordinated and helped with the program.
The results are as follows:
1st place – Ayush Thakur (7B) KEANE HOUSE
2nd place – Mohammed Zakiy Subedar (7B) MURPHY HOUSE
3rd place – Briston Colaco (7A) KEANE HOUSE

Ayush Thakur
Mohammed Zakiy Subedar
Briston Colaco

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