Class 6 Elocution

Elocution refers to one’s capacity of communicating with others, with the use of exact speech and gestures. Ms.Venessa Gonsalves and Ms.Sania Vaz organised the online elocution competition for the students of class 6 .There were around 27 participants from the four divisions. After the elimination round, 15 participants made it to the finals. Participants for the final round were asked to submit their video on Google Classroom by 31st August. Each participant was given 3 minutes to speak on any one topic of their choice and the topics were:

i) Save Oceans

ii) Health & Well-being

iii) Contribution Of Technology In Education

Ms. Clemia Dabreo, Ms. Rena Dsouza & Ms. Silvina Dcosta kindly agreed to be judges for the competition.The participants won the hearts of the judges with their confidence, expression, and presentation.

The winners of the competition are as follows:

  • -Joshua Mendonca 6B   (Whiting House) and Chinmay Arun 6B (Keane House) were joint first place winners.
  •  Lance Pereira 6A (Keane House) got second place
  • Aariz Shaikh 6B (Gomes House) got third place.
  • CONSOLATION PRIZE: Johan Andrades 6B ( Murphy House )

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