Class 8,9,10 Elocution

The winning performances from classes 8,9 and 10 can be viewed below.


First Place: Nigel D’souza 8C

Nigel D’souza

Second Place :Larry D’Mello 8A

Larry D’Mello

Third Place : Keith Gonsalves 8D

Keith Gonsalves

Consolation prize winners :Joshua Waring and Sneaden Rebello

Johsua Waring
Sneaden Rebello


First Place :Shaun D’souza 9D

Shaun D’souza

Second Place : Varad Nikumbh 9C

Varad Nikumbh

Third place :Dawson Cerejo 9D

Consolation Prize: Kielan Naik 9C


First place :Kennen Dabreo 10 D

Kennen Dabreo

Second place :Clive Ferreira 10 A

Clive Ferreira

Third place :Mohammad Shafi 10C

Consolation prize: Muffadal Amreliwala 10C

A sincere word of thanks to the three judges Ms Payal Carvalho ,Ms Harshada Multani and Ms Lourdes D’silva for giving so much of their time to judge the performances of all three classes.

Thanks also to all the teachers who helped coordinate the event.

Congratulations to the winners and all those who participated.

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