Class 7&8 Music Competition 2021

Music binds our soul, hearts and emotions .It cheers the spirit and lightens the heart .To bring out the music talents of students, a Solo singing and a solo instrumental competition was organised for the students of classes 7 and 8. 29   participants signed up for  solo singing and 6 gave their names for solo instrumental.

All had to post videos of their performances on google classroom for an elimination round.After the elimination round 8 participants for solo singing and 3 participants for solo instrumental made it to the finals .Special thanks to all the teachers who accepted to be judges for the final round.Thanks also to all the teachers who coordinated and organised the program.

Here are the results.

Marc Dsouza from 7A and Rylan Fernandes from 8B took first and second place in the singing.Joel Tony (8D) was awarded first place for his instrumental piece.

Nigel Dsouza (8C) picked up two consolation prizes – one for singing and one for instrumental.

Videos below..

Marc Dsouza – First Place
Rylan Fernandes :2nd Place
Nigel Dsouza: Consolation Prize
Joel Tony: First Place in Instrumental
Nigel Dsouza : Consolation Prize ( Instrumental)

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