Class 9&10 Music Competition 2021

Music gives a soul to the universe,wings to the mind,flight to the imagination and life to everything.

After silence that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music.

Inspite of the ongoing pandemic we at St. Augustine’s organised an online singing and instrumental competition for the students of classes 9 and 10. From class 9 fifteen boys participated in the singing competition and ten gave their names for the instrumental competition .There were 10 boys who took part in the singing competition and 5 in the instrumental competition from class 10.All the participants had to submit a video of their performance for an online elimination cum audition round.

In the second round, 5 boys each from classes 9 and 10 were chosen for the instrumental competition.7 boys from class 9 and 6 from class 10 made it to the final round of the singing  competition .

The finalists in the singing competition were judged on their melody, voice quality and expression.They were also forbidden to use any audio effects to improve the quality of their songs.

The finalists in the instrumental competition were judged on the basis of technical difficulty,skill and expression of the pieces they submitted.

Thanks to our judges who took the time to listen to all the music.Thanks to the teachers who coordinated the program.

Here are the results.


First Place : Shaun Dsouza 9D

First Place : Shaun Dsouza

Second Place :Andrew Bhonsle 9B

2nd Place : Andrew Bhonsle

Joint Third Place :Sebin Thomas 9C and Shawn Miranda 10B

Joint Third Place : Shawn Miranda
Joint Third Place : Sebin Thomas


First Place :Joshua Dsouza 10D

Joshua Dsouza : First Place Instrumental

Second Place : Sven Falcao 9B

Joint Third Place : Kennen Dabreo and Krist Dsouza (both from 10D )

Kennen Dabreo : Joint Third place Instrumental
Krist Dsouza : Joint Third Place Instrumental

Consolation Prize :Dwayne Fernandes and Dawson Cerejo

Consolation Prize : Dwayne Fernandes (Instrumental)

Consolation Prize : Dawson Cerejo (Instrumental)

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