Quiz 2021 ( Class 9)

We never lose, we either win or learn

After around 621 days of online school, Class 9 students finally had an offline competition. An elimination round was conducted to select the best quizzers. 37 students participated in the first round. Two from each house who scored the maximum were selected as finalists. The final Quiz took place on 4th December from 10:30 a.m to 11:30 a.m in the school hall. There were five rounds.

The first round was about current affairs. Students were asked direct questions about the recent happenings in and around the world.

The second round was history. Questions based on  historical events were asked.Students had to recognise the event and also answer a question related to it.

Next was the audio-visual round. Audio clips of some famous movie dialogues were played.

For visual round questions based on the 2021 women padma shri awardees were asked.

We hope that this round enlightened the participants about the hardships those women went through and created a sense of respect for their work.

To check their knowledge of English the fourth round consisted of a crossword solving puzzle.

The rapid fire round was conducted at the end included questions on flags of countries, pronunciation, taglines, hindi literature, science,math and english literature. 

A stress free, fun filled quiz which involved the audience was came to an end at last. Whiting house, which was lagging behind in the earlier rounds, did a very good job in the rapid fire and emerged as the winners.

Teachers incharge : Ms Joanna Almeida ,Ms Clarissa

Teachers who helped: Ms Shirley,Ms Clemia,Ms Joyce

Happy Whiting House winners

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