Quiz 2021 (Class 7 and 8)

“If intelligence is asking the right questions, then knowledge is having the right answers”.

The quiz competition for classes 7 and 8 was organized on the 4th of December 2021.The students had an elimination round prior to this and the four top scorers from each house were selected to represent their houses for the Quiz competition. To score gold on the scoreboard, the teams had to race against time in rounds like Lock it, Brain Gym-fill it up, Connect, Brand Power, Picture Perfect and Rapid fire. Prior to every round, a detailed layout of the rules was given to the students. The questions which were intriguing, exciting and a feast to their intellect, kept the boys on the edge of their seats while the ticking clock kept them on their toes.

The quizzers racked their brains and tracked time, to try and stack the scoreboard with maximum points in their favour. Even though every team was a powerhouse of knowledge, Gomes House emerged the eventuall winners- narrowly beating second placed Keane House by only 10 points . For the Quiz Competition, the Corona panic took a backseat, and the students thoroughly enjoyed the event.

Teachers’ In charge- Ms. Marilyn Machado
                                                    Ms. Varsha Rebello
                                                    Ms. Sweedle Colaco
                                                    Ms. Ginny D’mello

Dylan Estebeiro-7A
Om Monde-7B
Rakesh Jat- 8D
Harish Nadar-8C

Aaditya Pramod Avtare-7A
Ayush Thakur-7B
Shlok Solanki-8D
Larry Dmello-8A

Aarush Rajput-7A
Joel Louis-7B
Jins Mampilly l-8B
Jeet Patil-8A

Shivam Suhas Raut-7C
Aaryan Satam-8B
Aayush Rane-8C

Socially distant audience

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