Quiz 2021 ( Class 5&6)

The Quiz Competition for classes 5 and 6 was held on 8th December, 2021. The quiz was organized and hosted under the supervision of Ms Venecia , Ms Menisa, Ms Neyomie and Ms sania. SAS Quiz 2021 was unique as it was the first offline competition conducted for the students of classes 5&6. Apart from traditional general knowledge questions this quiz also contained some innovative questions about latest brand logos etc.All the participants were severely tested with questions about recent happenings and general knowledge .The 16 students who participated in the competition were seated in their houses.
The rounds conducted were as follows:
Round 1 : Key to knowledge
Round 2 : Musical quest
Round 3 : The logo quest
Round 4 : Rapid fire

At the end Gomes house emerged winners by scoring 105 points.
The socially distanced students sitting in the audience were also kept entertained with questions for the audience round.
It was really indeed a great experience and it helped everyone present enhance their knowledge.
Winners of Blue House:
1) Darshan Mahajan 5D
2) Samarth Jadhav 5B
3) Tejas Lambole 6B
4) Dhairya Katwani 6B

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