A cricket tournament again at long last

The school field,after lying fallow and desolate for about one and half years was finally accessible to students for play at long last.The heavy roller was brought on to level the playing area and the rest of the field as well.

Heavy Roller on the field

The first official sporting event was an Inter Class Cricket Tournament for the students of class 10. Last year’s SSC batch were not able to spend a single day at play on the field.This year’s batch has been more fortunate, They were able to get a chance to play at least one inter class  tournament before they get down to the serious business of getting ready for their board exams in march 2022.

Bowling in difficult conditions

The cricket skills of most of the players were quite rusty after the long long period of lockdown,preventions and precautions inflicted on us because of Covid 19.The PEd teachers found that most of the teams had bowlers who had forgotten how to bowl. Wides and no balls dominated the league games and fishing outside the off stump was not very dangerous.The dew factor also played a significant role in the proceedings.It did not cause the ball to swing.Instead the ball which got more and more damp as the game progressed bounced lower and lower.

So even though the level of cricket may not have been as high it normally is -all who played had a lot of fun . The results of the league games are given below

The finals were played between 10B and 10C.
10B won the toss and elected to field. Having previously beaten 10C by 25 runs in the league stage they were confident of repeating their performance.They restricted 10C to a total of 67 runs in 10 overs.The run chase however did not go as well as they had hoped. In the last over they were faced with the task of scoring 12 runs to win with 3 wickets in hand.
Doable .
However big match nerves got the better of them.They lost all three wickets in the last over and scored only 2 runs.
10C won by 10 runs.
All good things come to an end and as they usually do and so the brief tournament also came to an end.It was a reminder of the fun that can be had in school that we have missed for so long.Let us hope that things may continue to get better.The class 9 students are looking forward to their cricket tournament that will start next week and the students of SSC 2022 are not looking forward to the prelims that await them in early January.
Congrats to all those to took part and the winners.Thanks to Sir Barry and Sir Brice for organising the competition.
Thanks also to all the ex students who came in to help as square leg umpires.

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